During my devotional time today i was reading in Matthew about prayer and was reminded that when times get rough we need to be in prayer. What good does prayer do when it is bad and only gets worse? I was reading in my daily devotional guide and it reminded me that when we pray it changes our focus. We can remained focused on us and what our problems are or we can get on our knees and focus on the Lord and his ability to handle our problems without our help. Humble yourself and go to the Lord. Problems of this world are nothing when you are talking to the creator of this world. Lets have a focus shift in our hearts and get back to focusing on God and not ourselves in the selfish self-serving society.  I also finished reading 2nd Chronicles today as I am on my way to completely reading the entire Bible this year and noticed something very interesting. All of these Kings were young men and even boys and it reminded me that the youth are not the future of the Church they are the church lets start teaching our young people how to be effective church members for today and for the future. We have an obligation to teach them so the church can always be ran effectively and according to God's will and not our own.

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