Reading this morning in Ezra I find myself wanting to talk about giving according to your ability,but if I am going to be true to God I need to write about music. Music is an influential tool that can be used for good or bad. We find the children of Israel have been brought out of the Babylonian captivity to find the temple in bad shape. They begin  to restore the House of the Lord and after they had laid the foundation it says that they SANG praising and giving thanks to the Lord. Music is not our enemy it has been used through out time to enhance and intensify the worship of God. Today there are many different types of music in the world we need to be careful about what we put inside of our minds. These "innocent " songs that we hear and enjoy can lead us to think about worldly things and even to some degree become desensitized to the harmful effects of what the sin being sung about does to not only our body but our mind and soul as well. I enjoy music as much as the next guy but i am learning that sometimes the songs I like because they are catchy I do not need to putting into my mind. Let's keep our music choices to things that uplift and glorify. Music touches every part of your emotion let it touch and stir you in good things and not lead you into temptaion. Music in and of itself is not bad and has been around since the beginning of creation. Listen to the birds and you can see this as fact. I ask you today does your music selection edefy and uplift?

07/20/2012 3:05pm

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