Reading through Ezra again this morning I find myself realizing that sometimes, more often than not, Satan comes at us in ways we do not expect. The Nation of Israel were excited and ready to rebuild the House of the Lord and opposition came in the form of someone desiring to work with them. Satan has been using trickery since the Garden when he persuaded Adam and Eve that they would be like God. He is still using trickery today. It is his desire that all of our efforts to serve the Lord would fail, but he knows if he comes at us in the open it will make it easy to resist him. I want us to remember that if it looks to good to be true then we should examine it. Look at the source and where the idea is coming from.  God desires for his children to succeed and Satan knows if he can keep a Christian down he is advancing his agenda and slowing the work of the Lord, but that is all he is doing is slowing it because remember God's will shall be done. Even though the enemy of Israel delayed the Temple from being rebuilt eventually it was rebuilt and established for the Lord. When Satan gets you down in life why not use that oppurtunity to go ahead and remain on your knees and gain even more strength from the Lord. I have a plaque in my house that reminds of this everyday that a man is never stronger than when he is on his knees. Remember the Devil is as a roaring Lion. Keep watch for him dont become an easy victim live your life according to the word of God, steeped in prayer and be watchful for the snares and traps that Satan has set befor you.

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