I look out at our country and people are busier and busier. The hustle and bustle of this fast paced lifestyle is very draining as a result I see more and more people taking their only day off Sunday as a day for themselves. This trend is frightening to me I feel like we are on a slippery slope during this time. I was reading about the nation of Israel in 2 Chronicles today about the King Josiah. Israel had neglected the Lord's house for over 200 years and it is found in shambles. Buried in the rubble is found the Word of God and it has to be dusted off and then read. How many of our Bibles are on a shelf, in the back seat of a car, or in our pew at church? It is time we get back to the basics of Christianity and open up our Bibles read them and study them, pray for our country and our churches, get back into fellowship with God first then His local New Testament Church. Sunday is a day that we celebrate Jesus Christ the first fruits and our sacrifice. What better place to be than in the house of the Lord. You give God back what is his and he will provide you the rest and relaxation you need somewhere else. Put God first in our lives and humble ourselves before him and He will handle the stress and hustle and bustle this life has to offer.

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